Monday, 8 July 2013

Actions To Add Second Wi-fi Wireless router To An Present System

Do you want to boost your wireless router’s signal/coverage area? Most of enough time, when you installation one router, it think that one would be enough, but eventually and customers or your close relatives also take a new in obtaining net via this one router, need of another one increase. In the moment when everyone is using several online gadgets such as laptop, Product, Mobile phones, etc. this scenario can happen in any house and in a little workplace this is quite typical. But, you do not need another relationship for the new wireless router; you can installation it with past one. Yes! You can add a second router to your home/ workplace network.

A few changes and configurations in the second router can create it possible. These are some easy changes that you can do quickly, for example if you have Linksys router, then no need to contact on , Linksys router assistance specialized team for this, just adhere to the below given steps and add the second router to a preexisting network.

• Modify the IP deal with of the second wireless router as well as turn off DHCP. These changes allow you to weblink another router as something different with all identical abilities. Second router will not be able to allocate any IP; the first one would do all for the second one.

• Use your online browser to weblink primary router with new one, kind the router’s deal with in the deal with bar. Generally, it will be for Linksys router, and then log in into the router using details. If you have not set up them yet, then customer name would be empty and security password ‘admin’, study the router guidelines for this details

• Once you are signed in pen down the IP deal with, the IP variety in customer, security password and Subnet cover up of the router as well as the router’s transmitting route.

• Once you are done with primary or past router, log out of this and do it again all the procedure with the new one. Use CAT 5 or 6 wire to weblink the new router from the network slot of PC to router’s start slot, but not the up-link slot.

• Now modify the establishing of the new router, start with IP deal with to an available deal with in the described variety of primary or first wireless router then turn off DHCP.  Next phase is- shift to the wireless installation web page, at this web page you would be able to create the SSID, wireless method, security password, route and more identical as you did with the first one. Following the above steps, you have designed something different or entrance ability, but not the DHCP, because this will be managed by the primary or first wireless router.

• Once you done with all the configurations, now you are able to weblink the second Linksys wireless router to the present network, just do what you did with first one. Preserve all the establishing, you modified and then plug-in the CAT 5 or 6 wire between LAN slots of each router to weblink the new wireless router with the first one.

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