Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Setting up a Linksys wrt54g Router in an Easy and Accessible Way

Your network router performs a number of essential functions. It interconnects two or more of your computer networks and interchanges data packets between them. It simultaneously performs as the default gateway and controls network broadcasts to the local LAN. With such important functions to perform, it is imperative that your router is of the best possible quality. Speaking of quality routers, Linksys Routers undoubtedly stand among the very best. Established in the year 1988, Linksys has come a long way from primarily producing printer sharers.

It now offers wireless and broadband routers, consumer grade Ethernet switching, audio-visual products and network storage solutions among other products. Out of all their products, their broadband and wireless routers are among the most popular and contribute a major share in the company’s overall revenue. With such a wide user base, it is essential that there exists a comprehensive Linksys Router Support system that will help fix each and every of your router problems.

Linksys setup WRT54G

Let me show you the way to setup the Linksys router WRT54G you can use this process to setup Linksys WRT54G router what I have here a Motorola modem which is right now connected to my laptop what I will do first disconnect the cable from my laptop and I have WRT54G router on the back of the router there are 5 different port. First one is internet port and 4 different Ethernet port where you can connect the Ethernet cable.

In the first port which is for the internet here we need to connect the wire which comes from the modem and connect the second Ethernet cable in the any of the four port for example I am connecting the Ethernet cable in port number three on the router and also plug in the power also. On the router you will see four different lights first for the power second one is for WLAN that is for wireless third one is showing where laptop is connected and forth is for internet light where internet or modem is connected so this is the first step how you can setup the WRT54G Linksys router you can also visit the website a2zfreetechsupport.com or you can call on this number 1-800-313-4520