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Troubleshooting and setup process of Linksys Eseries

Linksys E series:

Linksys E series is one of the best routers .All the E series routers come with a Cisco Connect software with them.

The Cisco Connect software allows you to easily configure your router.  By following the step-by-step wizard upon the initial setup of your router, you can have your computer and other wireless devices connected to the wireless network in a matter of minutes. 

The software also offers a lot of powerful tools:
such as Security Settings, Guest Access, Parental Controls, and Advanced Settings, which allows you to secure and manage your wireless network.

Setting up your Linksys Wi-Fi Router for the first time with Cisco Connect:


Computer/laptop, Router, Modem, Ethernet cable(1/2), Cisco connect CD.


Check the internet :

First we have to check that internet is working on the computer or not, if its not working then we have to connect the modem to the router through Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable should be connected from the modem into the internet port of router which at backside of the router it’s a separate port on backside. Then open the web browser and check its getting internet or not. Insert the Cisco connect CD into the computer and run the software.

Setting up and installing Cisco connect:

Click on the links provided to read more about license terms and other related information.  At the lower-left portion of the screen, Click Next to proceed. Then it will show you how to make the connection between modem and computer , we have to check that cables are connected acc to the image or not, then hit next.

The next window will show you the set up process and it will show you the increasing percentage starting from 0 ,it will go to 20-25 % and it will stop and give you the router SSID and password we have to note it down, then hit next and it will again continue and show its finishing up the setup and go to 100 %. When its completed it will show you that. Congratulation you are connected to the internet.

Then we have to hit ok. Then it will be back to the main Cisco Connect window after the setup has been finished.  You have successfully installed your Linksys router.Then it will show you the router settings and we can go there and change the network name and password just by clicking on change and it will automatically change the network name and password. We can also turn on/off the guest password through the same window. Now we can close the Cisco connect setup and the process is complete.
Now the computer is connected wireless to your WiFi network.

Errors while running the setup:

If  set up process stops in between and don’t  move ahead in percentage and it gives you blank router SSID and password then we have to reset the router . there is a reset button on bottom of Linksys router we have to press that reset button with the help of a hairpin/paperclip and press it and hold it for at least 30 seconds and we have to continue the same process again and this time it will give you auto generated SSID and password and it will work.

Connecting I pad to WiFi :

We can now connect any wireless device to wifi using the same network name and password that cisco connect provided.


We have to turn on i pad and on home screen, we have to tap on icon of setting
Now in setting we have to go for WiFi, it will show you wifi off/on. If its off , then we have to turn it on.
Now below the WiFi, it will show you choose a network and it will show all the networks available then we have to select our network name from that list
Now we have to tap on our network name and it will ask for password , then we have to enter the password and hit join.
It will show you “connecting” and it will connect now your ipad is connected to WiFi and it will show you a check ark in front of ut network name it means your ipad is connected to your WiFi now .
All models of Linksys E series routers can be setup with the same process. This is the basic trouble shooting and process of setting up the Linksys E series routers.

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