Monday, 6 May 2013

How to connect a Router with a Smart Sony TV

There are a few major steps that we need to follow while connecting a Smart Sony TV. Once the customer calls up we need to make sure whether the TV has a wireless capacity or not then we need to follow these steps:

1. First we need to make sure that the router that the customer is using is a Wi-Fi enabled one or not.

2. Then we need to know whether the customer has already been using a password or not and its connected with other devices with that password.

3. If the customer has no password and is not having any device connected wireless and wants a password for security of his network then we need to open up the link of his wife router and get into the page of his settings page with the default user name and password.

4. Then we change the SSId name (Network Name) and then we change the Security mode to WPA personal 2 and then we create a security paraphrase as in like the customers phone number and then we save it and we also make sure that it is hard wired from the router so that we don’t loose the remote session.

5. Now as the settings have been saved we ask the customer to turn on the TV and go for the menu option.

6. Now the customer has to look for the settings option first and then for network settings and then for the wireless network, once he finds the wireless network he now has to look for his wireless network name that we created.

7. Now the customer has to select the network name and then he has to select connect it will then ask for the security key or the password he has to type down the password that we saved it in his router settings page and then the customer has to click on connect or join.

Now he has been connected and the wi-fi is working on his Smart TV.

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